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03/03 Please note that English version of WOOD.RU is a demo version - you are welcome to the full Russian version of the portal
03/12 If you want to learn more about Russian timber market or introduce your business to Russia, WOOD.RU's developers are able to help you
05/03 LISDEREVMASH '2001, the 5th specialized exhibition of machinery and equipment for woodworking industry and timber, September, 22-26

Information about WOOD.RU system

WOOD.RU is Russia's largest and oldest timber industry Internet portal. At the same time the portal is a big reference book, a wide catalogue of companies and Internet resources, a popular free trading board, and even a place for wood-related entertainment.

The core of WOOD.RU is a huge information system which describes different aspects of wood, timber, lumber, and paper business. It contains a lot of practical and encyclopaedic information about forests themselves, timber resources, marketing, standards, technologies, equipment, international relations. WOOD.RU also provides its users with actual timber industry news and analytics, trading and messaging tools, thematic Internet services.

The information system (the IS) is being supported in Russian and for Russian-speaking audience only. English version of the IS is an overview demo with almost no original information.

WOOD.RU is visited by the largest Russian-speaking audience occupied in timber and allied industries. It is an effective place for running targeted advertising campaigns.

WOOD.RU tends to become an All-Russian timber industry Internet community.

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